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Life’s Special Events 


Did you know that you could very well have a right to be married in one of our churches? You most certainly do if you live in our parish - but there are other circumstances in which we are able to marry you as well. Such as long standing family connections, or if you have been a regular worshipper (and are on our electoral roll) prior to your wedding. For more information about your rights under a new law about weddings, please click here  for the national Church of England weddings website.

If you are eligible, and if you are beginning to plan for your special day - we'd love to be involved.  Not only will you have the use of one of our three churches for your ceremony;  you'll also have the personal attention of one of our ministers.  Each of us is experienced in taking and preparing for weddings.  Our aim will be to help you, as a couple, prepare not just for the day, but for the rest of your married lives together. 

To begin a conversation with us, please get in touch with our Parish Administrator, Jon Dowson,  via the Contact Us page. Alternatively, do speak to any of our clergy in church after services.


(also known as 'CHRISTENINGS')

There is NO CHARGE for baptism.

If you live in our parish, you (or your child) have a legal right to be baptised (sometimes also known as 'christened') in one of our churches...and it doesn't cost a penny.  Baptism is normally performed during   services held in all three of our churches.

Alternatively, we are happy to arrange a 'simple baptism', normally just after one of our regular Sunday services at 12:00.  This is a simple ceremony, lasting around 15 minutes, usually without music or singing.  Families with large guest lists sometimes find this an easier form of service to which to invite their guests.

Get in touch with us now to discuss the possibilities!  Contact Jon Dowson, our Parish Administrator, via the Contact Us page. 



If you have recently lost a loved one, please accept our condolences.  Perhaps you are thinking about using the deceased's local parish church for their funeral? If so,  we would love to be involved.  Residents of the parish have a legal right to have their funeral held in their local parish church - and our ministers are all experienced, and trained, at taking such funerals. 

In our opinion, a church funeral is a far preferable alternative to one held at Crematorium (which are generally limited to 20 minutes).  At a church, if you wish, there is as much time as you and your family need to remember and pray for, your loved one.  It is also possible to play videos and photos of their life, and there is plenty of time for tributes to be paid, and hymns to be sung. 

After a church service, it is still possible to take up the option of cremation, or burial in a local civic graveyard.  Regretfully, none of our churches have land available for burials.  However, St Nicholas has a small (and very pretty) Garden of Remembrance in which ashes may be interred by arrangement. 

Most funerals are arranged through local Funeral Directors, who can take much of the burden of arranging a funeral from you.  However, do get in touch with us at any time if you want to discuss arranging a funeral.

Either contact Jon Dowson, our Parish Administrator, via the Contact Us page.