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Holy Week

The most Holy Week of the Year!  Holy Week is the culmination of the season of Lent. 

Throughout this week, many Christians take the opportunity to think more deeply about their faith, journeying metaphorically with Jesus through the last week of his life.  As a result, there are extra services throughout the week....please see below.

Why did Jesus have to die?  What does his sacrifice accomplish?  How does it affect me?  These, and many more questions are the sort that Christians ask themselves during this holiest of weeks.  Beginning with Palm Sunday, we remember how Jesus was greeted with shouts of joy as he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey....not a warlord on a might horse, but a servant-king.  Then we move through various events of that last week of his life...including the Last Supper and, of course, the Crucifixion itself.  Along the way there is joy and sadness.  Holy Oils for blessing, annointing and baptism are brought to our churches on Maundy Thursday.  Our choirs and music groups prepare a variety of special music. 

In each of our three churches, Holy Week is celebrated distinctively.  If you are not already a regular visitor to them, we encourage you to move between churches to find the style of worship which most supports you at your particular stage of faith.  You will find a warm welcome everywhere!

 We have services on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day

See our 'Pew News' page for service times in the three churches.