North End Team Ministry

Three Churches, One Parish


The North End Portsmouth Team Ministry is a member of the Portsmouth Diocese of the Church of England.  We are an 'episcopal' church (led by a Bishop), and are also known as 'Anglicans'.  As Anglicans, we are members of the "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church". 


All Anglican churches have different styles (and some different understandings about God and God's will for the church).  We are a broad family, of diverse opinions:  something which we are proud to be. 


We aim to be "a praying, learning, serving church that is visible, diverse and all-inclusive" (our Mission Statement for our Five Year Plan agreed in April 2010).


Our style can be broadly described as 'open catholic' - by which we mean that:

We are a learning church.  Our beliefs are broadly consistent with the historic formularies of the Church of England, and...

Our spirituality is therefore open, exploratory and inclusive. 

We actively welcome and include people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, genders and sexualities.   

We yearn to see Godly principles of justice and joy established in our own lives, as well as the world around us - and we delight in working with others (of all faiths and none) who share our fundamental commitment to love, reconcilliation and peace.