Saint Nicholas Church

We are looking to develop our church buildings for the local community and are thinking of creating a hub and we are pleased to share with you the current works we have undertaken on St Nicholas Church building.  

We have been taking time to do some repairs on St Nicholas Church.

Our current project is to fix the roof.

The North and South valleys in the church roof have begun to deteriorate to the extent that rain water gets into the building.  These valleys need repairing.  The cost of these works will be £11,850 and will be undertaken by THE ROOFWORX. In order to proceed we have to gain permission from the Church Commissioners. This is a long process and we are pleased to let you know that we have reached the public consultation process.  Form 4A legal notice has been put up in the windows of Battenburg and Compton Hall for people to view in the local community.

If you would like  to view the Architects drawings by RBA Associates 

or would like to make a donation towards the project please contact us!

 Ceiling in the Lady Chapel




Other works undertaken in 2019:

  • We now have a warm church. The boiler has been upgraded and the pipes have been mended.  In time we will also need to replace the pump when funds allow.  This costed £15,750 and we are very grateful to SW Mechanical Services as well as JHB Electrical Services for the works and the safe containment of asbestos which costed £2880 with a certificate of air quality.
  • In time we will need to replace the central heating pump, due to the age of the system we will need to get this specially made and it will cost around £3000.  If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of this please contact us.

 Old Boiler

 New Boiler

 New Boiler


  • We have a safe ceiling.  The ceiling panels had aged so much that they were pealing away from the roof.  For health and safety reasons they have all been removed to reveal the original Arts and Crafts ceiling.  Removal of the ceiling panels costed £2,350 and we are grateful to JHB Electrical services for the works undertaken.

 Roof before

Roof before 

 Roof after


Watch this space future developments!